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Trailer Repair Madison WI

Gervasi Trailer Repair Madison WI specializes in the repairs of trailers people use every day for recreation, home and business in Dane County area.

Our skilled trailer repair professionals have the training and the experience to help you with just about any trailer repairs you may need assistance with, including bearing and axle repairs, electrical problems, brakes, tires, modifications and more.

Gervasi trailer repair professionals can work on all different brands and models of trailers. This includes a wide variety of trailers from light recreational use to heavier commercial and industrial uses. A representative list of popular types of trailers we repair include ATV Trailers, Boat Trailers, Box Trailers, Enclosed Cargo Trailers, Folding Trailers, Horse Trailers, Landscape Trailers, Motorcycle Trailers, Open Cargo Trailers, Snowmobile Trailers, Skid Steer Trailers and more.

Trailer Repair Madison WI – Welding – Fabrication

Our trailer repair facility is more than just a garage installing replacement parts. If your trailer needs welding or special fabrications, we can do it in-house. In fact, Gervasi Trailer Repair Madison WI routinely designs solutions to problems and fabricates the solution. Not unlike Blacksmiths in the past, our expert staff of craftsmen has the knowledge, experience and skill to solve a myriad of trailer related problems – all under one roof.  A few of our fabrication – trailer repairs Madison WI include:

  • Cross Members
  • Bunk Brackets
  • Carpeted Bunks
  • Roller Brackets
  • Winch Stands
  • Light Brackets
  • Bow Stops
  • Step Pads
  • Axles
  • Spring Mounts
  • Loading Ramps

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