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Gervasi Trailer Service Madison WI

The trailer services we deliver include fabricating new or replacement trailer parts for portions of your trailer damaged through activity. Just the fact you have a trailer means you are actively doing something requiring action. We know when you have a trailer in action, whether recreational or for work, occasionally accidents occur and a damaged trailer is the result.

In our fabrication shop we can custom fabricate trailer parts or make any necessary trailer modifications to get your trailer back on the road. Since we are the home of national known Slick Rydr Trailers, makers of canoe, kayak, utility and pontoon trailers, we are uniquely qualified to provide an expert level of trailer service ranging from basic trailer repair or installing a new part, to creating replacement parts not normally available in the aftermarket.

Inside and Out – Trailer Service Madison WI

We can provide service for any commonly used trailer. Our shop can handle trailer up to thirty feet long. If a trailer is over 30 feet, we will provide all of the needed trailer services in our yard.  Any type of trailer is welcome at Gervasi Trailer Service Madison WI.

As part of our inclusive trailer services, we also can assist with electrical troubleshooting, repair, replacement and additions. Our experienced staff has repaired all common electrical set-ups and as part of the array of trailer services we provide, we can help develop custom wiring for unique applications on nearly any type of trailer.

Expanded Trailer Service Madison WI – Custom Carts and Tools

Because of our broad trailer services skill set, we also offer an expanded design – build services to local clients.

The result is custom built carts and other tools for materials handling. Gervasi  trailer service Madison WI has built carts for use in the trades and industry to customer specification.  Examples include –

  • Utility carts
  • Ramps
  • Refitting man lifts to match vehicles
  • If you have an idea – just give us a call

Gervasi Trailer Service Madison WI  fabricates trailer fixes and other tools to improve productivity.

Call at 608-271-4239 or 800-240-8425 or email and tell us how we can be of service to you. Gervasi Trailer Service Madison WI is the most complete and expert trailer service in the Dane County – South Central Wisconsin area.

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